We consulted over 250 senior leaders in business and government over the last two years in developing the findings and recommendations for this project. We are exceptionally grateful to all the leaders who contributed to this project. We specifically acknowledge below the contributions of those leaders who contributed an exceptional amount of time, energy and commitment in developing this report.

To our knowledge partners and authors:

Damien Wodak, Managing Director and Partner, and Daniel Selikowitz, Partner, Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

Qiao Ma, Portfolio Manager – Asian Equities Fund, Cooper Investors

Mary Manning, Portfolio Manager for the Ellerston Asia Growth Fund, Ellerston Asian Investments (ASX:EAI) and the Ellerston India Fund, Ellerston Capital

Penny Burtt, Group Chief Executive Officer, Asialink

Mukund Narayanamurti, Chief Executive Officer, Asialink Business

To all the companies and executives who participated in the case study interviews:

Cochlear: Dig Howitt, Chief Executive Officer & President

Carsales: Paul Barlow, Managing Director International

IDP Education: Andrew Barkla, Chief Executive Officer

Lendlease: Tony Lombardo, Chief Executive Officer – Asia

Xero: Kirsty Godfrey-Billy, Chief Financial Officer and Kevin Fitzgerald, Managing Director – Asia

Treasury Wine Estates: Matt Young, Chief Financial Officer

Hurricane’s Grill: Craig Goldberg, Managing Director

The SILC Group: Koby Jones, Managing Director

To all the individuals who provided key insights and commentary to this report:

Nicola Wakefield Evans, Non-Executive Director, Macquarie Group, Lendlease, BUPA and AICD

Kee Wong, Non-Executive Director, Carsales and AICD

Peter Cai, Non-resident Fellow, Lowy Institute

Anna Whitlam, Founder and Managing Director, Anna Whitlam People

Michael Smith, China Correspondent, The Australian Financial Review

Peter Yates AM, Deputy Chair, AIA Australia Limited and Non-Executive Director, Linfox

Melanie Brock, Chief Executive Officer, Melanie Brock Advisory Ltd. and Global Ambassador, Advance

Emma Connors, South-East Asia correspondent, The Australian Financial Review

To our taskforce members for your time and contribution to this report:

Sid Myer AM, Chair, Myer Family Investments

Angus Armour, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, Australian Institute of Company Directors

Ainslie van Onselen, Chief Executive Officer, Chartered Accountants ANZ

Jonathan Yeung, Head of Asian Business Banking, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Yasmin Allen, Non-Executive Director, Cochlear, Santos, ASX and Chair, Advance, Faethm.ai and DSO

Ajay Bhatia, Managing Director – Australia, Carsales

Christine Holgate, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, Australia Post

Sue MacLeman, Chair, MTPConnect, Anatara Lifesciences, Tali Digital Ltd, and Non-Executive Director of Palla Pharma Ltd, Oventus Medical Ltd, and Veski

Diane Smith-Gander AO, Non-Executive Director, Wesfarmers and Chair, CEDA

Peter Varghese AO, Chancellor, University of Queensland

Martin Commons, Head of Public Policy, BHP Billiton

To our project team:

Mukund Narayanamurti, Chief Executive Officer, Asialink Business and Project Director, Winning in Asia

Shiraz Engineer, Associate Director, Asialink Business and Project Manager, Winning in Asia

David Murphy, Project Associate, Winning in Asia

Tom Colak, Associate, Boston Consulting Group

Thanh Ly, State Manager, Asian Banking, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Simon Grant, Group Executive – Advocacy & International, Chartered Accountants ANZ

Matt Pritchard, Head of Government Relations and Media, Advocacy, Australian Institute of Company Directors and

Joanne Gilroy, Board Diversity Manager, Advocacy, Australian Institute of Company Directors