By Mukund Narayanamurti, Chief Executive Officer, Asialink Business with the support of the AICD

World economic weight continues to shift rapidly towards Asia. To succeed in the biggest and most dynamic markets in our region, Australian companies need to compete for consumers, capital and talent. As Asian markets recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, business leadership that understands the need to build knowledge and skills relevant to operating in Asian markets is more urgently needed than ever.

To measure these qualities in Australian business leaders, Asialink Business has developed a methodology to capture the experiences of ASX 200 board members and senior executives. Collection of data on these experiences, which cover Asia-related work experience and work experience in Asian markets as well as linguistic capability and educational background, enabled us to measure the six Asia capabilities individuals need to build successful business relationships in Asia. This section analyses individual capabilities and provides an overall Asia capability score for 1,705 board members and senior executives of ASX 200 companies (as of 1 January 2020).

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